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Our Purpose

UCSF Health Hub is a non-profit Growth Studio supported by our donors.
We connect ideas and companies with the people, expertise, and capital
needed to grow and scale breakthrough healthcare solutions.

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I am a researcher with expertise in big data analytics and know drug discovery.
Atul Butte,  Professor, Director, Institute for Computational Health Sciences, UCSF
Dan Burnett
Founder and CEO,
Theranova, LLC
Rhona Snyman
Chief Strategy Officer,
I am a researcher with expertise in causes of aging and know biology.
Eric Verdin, M.D,  President & CEO,
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Shaun Rahimi
Founder, CEO, Enso Relief
Karim Gahlil
Founder, Mendel Health
Yug Varma
CEO, Phi Therapeutics
I am a microbiologist with expertise in whole cell therapeutics and want to treat chronic microbial diseases.
Yug Varma,  CEO, Phi Therapeutics
Ursheet Parikh
Mayfield Fund
Scott Barclay
Partner, Data Collective
I am an investor focused on on the cross section of biology and computer science.
Vijay Pande,  General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

The Experience

We help people develop high quality relationships to advance their work and their lives. Participating companies and community members have exclusive access to:

Health Hub Navigators

Every participating company will be paired with a member Health Hub Navigator, tasked with identifying the company's core needs, developing a plan and helping to assemble the right expert resources to get the job done 

 Health Hub Clubhouse

Health Hub will soon operate a premium space on UCSF's Mission Bay Campus, providing incubator companies access to researchers, clinicians, and hospital core facilities; and community members a place to be part of the action.

Health Hub Connect

Our private online platform, will allow us to cultivate the community and make it easy to connect mentors, doctors, and funders with founders.
Health Hub Connect is live and you can apply here.

Health Hub Events

Health Hub will, organize high-end curated events and intimate conversations for community members initially in shared spaces and later in the dedicated location on UCSF's Mission Bay campus.

Our Initial Focus (2018/19):
 Data & Sensors

Join us to harness the fundamental forces driving
the transformation of healthcare.


From medical research, to prevention and prediction, to care delivery, big data and analytics are permeating every component of the healthcare ecosystem, altering the roles of physicians and their relationships with patients. We will take a deep dive on data in the coming year.
For example, UCSF Health Hub and CDHI (the Center for Digital Health Innovation) will support the Data Sandbox project to focus on enabling workflow based digital patient experience and standard system to connect with the patient record. The Data Sandbox makes synthetic, real world clinical data available to participating Health Hub companies, removing a major hurdle to accelerate progress in this important space.


The mass proliferation of data sensors that measure and track health parameters and vital signs, from consumer wearables to advanced biosensors and medical devices, are creating a sixth human sense.  Together we will explore the impact of how sensors are changing our understanding of ourselves, and the practical applications, such as new ways to protect health, detect illness, increase care plan compliance, and enable a next generation of Telehealth care delivery.

For Founders: 
100% Help 0% Equity

We are a donor-funded non-profit, here to serve .
We do not take any equity.

We understand that the start-up journey is a long one. As a Health Hub member, we aspire to be a 'partner for life.'  Our focus is to help you achieve your next milestone through a a step-by-step approach:
1.   Sign up to Health Hub Connect and create a profile.
2. Complete a brief consultation with a  UCSF Health Hub Navigator to identify and prioritize  needs.
3. Get matched with a personalized network of advisors, investors and mentors from the UCSF HealthHub community.
4 . Work with mentors/advisors/investors and attend educational events for actionable assistance in:
- design and technology to build out products and services,  
- clinical validation with researchers, UCSF doctors, or patient populations and, 
- access to high quality investors, mentors and advisors as allies for growth.
5. Graduate to the 'next' milestone.
6. Repeat.

Do you run a company and are you ready to get started?

For Advisors: Make a Match, Go!

UCSF Health Hub makes it easy to advise, reducing the discovery and courting process, paperwork and expectation setting for you and companies you want to advise.

Once you have applied to Health Hub Connect as an advisor, you create an advisor page that provides deep insight into your skills, industry expertise, and the types of projects that are right for you. You will be matched to great companies (they've had to qualify too) looking for advisors like you.
You'll receive an email digest from us with potential matches. If you decide it's a project for you, you can connect privately. If it's a match, you agree on equity compensation and sign our standard agreement. It's up to you and the firm how long the relationship goes.

UCSF Health Hub will periodically send out tips and status requests and help ensure the relationship works. If it doesn't, we will act as a non-binding arbiter.

Do you want to help a company grow?

For Healthcare Leaders: 
A Scientific Acceleration Network

The UCSF Health Hub community is a network of healthcare leaders who have achieved great things and care passionately about taking action on solutions and supporting the next-generation of healthcare innovators. 

We believe that creating breakthrough healthcare ventures requires supporting each other as part of a shared community committed to solving our greatest healthcare challenges.

 We are here to bring together a group of diverse leaders to share what is working, explore what is on the horizon, and learn from the experts driving transformational change. Together we will expose one another to new ideas, inspire and create opportunities for collaboration to advance the healthcare sciences and patient outcomes. 

Our community focus is to cultivate the next-generation of healthcare innovators, through active mentorship that grants founders access to the expertise and resources that will catalyze growth and impact.

Together, we can grow healthcare entrepreneurship on a global scale (and have an awesome time doing it!) 

Apply to Health Hub Connect


Have you received a grant or raised first capital? 


Are you either a former or current member of a successful team OR are you world-class and at the top of your game?


Are you conducting groundbreaking research and are you published and peer reviewed? 


Are you an accredited investor and have you invested in healthcare before?  

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“Our vision is to source the highest caliber, most exciting new teams from the San Francisco community and to leverage all resources to develop new technologies that improve healthcare for patients.”

Dr. Harold "Barry" Selick

Special Advisor
UCSF  Vice Chancellor, Business Development, Innovation and Partnerships

Mark H. Goldstein

Managing Partner, Advisors.Fund

David Steuer

Managing Director
Healthcare Practice Lead, frog Design

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Health Hub SF, also a tax exempt organization, and UCSF have entered into an Agreement by which they will affiliate to jointly engage with the Bay Area community of researchers, physicians, students, doctoral scholars on the one hand and entrepreneurs and investors on the other that are working on healthcare and life sciences innovations to provide educational support, networking opportunities and programming to assist in moving ideas and discoveries forward to provide tangible benefits for patients and the advancement of science worldwide. @ 2018