Awards Guidelines

The Awards Competition


June 15: Applications Open

  • UCSF Health Hub will accept applications from Digital Health award applications starting June 15, 2019 in up to 10 award categories. We are seeking to find the companies that promote the faster, better, cheaper healthcare by improving outcomes like shorter hospital stays, reduced patient and insurer cost, faster cures, and happier doctors and patients. We are looking for mature companies with in-market products that have been used by a minimum of 5,000 patients and have been verified in a validation study or clinical trial.

These awards showcase the new technologies that are dramatically improving healthcare through innovative means for the benefit of society and to reduce the onerous cost burden.

2019 Award Categories

  1. Longevity & Aging: Best longevity-prolonging service or therapy.
  2. Wellness & Preventative Health: Best wellness service or preventative health service.
  3. Mental, Brain, & Sleep Health: Best mental, brain, and or sleep health digital therapeutic.
  4. Electronic Health Records & Patient Engagement: The best product or service that uses Electronic Health Records (EHR) and personal health data in a breakthrough/meaningful way.
  5. Application of AI: Best new therapy using applied Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Digital Diagnostic - Cardiovascular: Best application diagnosing ailments of the heart and circulatory system.
  7. Digital Diagnostic - Cancer: Best application diagnosing cancers.
  8. Patient Cost Savings: Best product or service saving patients money, through price transparency or other means.
  9. FemTech: Best tool in women’s, reproductive, and maternal health.
  10. Remote & Telemedicine Service: Best remote therapy – facilitating treating patients at home and away from the hospital and clinic.
  11. Digital Health Innovator of the Year: Annually awarded to an individual that has made substantial contributions in the area of digital health innovation.

August 15: Applications Close (Now extended to August 25)

  • Submittable will stop accepting new applications at 11:59 pm on August 25, 2019.

August 15: Judging Begins

  • The UCSF Health Hub Directors and other qualified members from UCSF will choose the top 10 submissions to be expertly judged in each award category. This will ensure that the expert judges are able to give each submission a thorough review.

August 30: Round 1 (Top 10)

  • The top 10 submissions will be announced and showcased on the awards website.
  • 10 judges per category will be assigned to begin the review and scoring process for their respective award categories.
  • Judges will sign in and use Submittable to review and score all company submissions assigned to them.
  • Each long answer question will be scored on a scale of 1-10. This will be used to determine an aggregate score for each company

September 3: Round 2 (Semi-finals)

  • Semi-finalists will be announced for each category online and showcased on the awards website.
  • Semi-finalists will be expected to attend the live awards event on October 10, 2019 and be ready to receive the award should they win.

October 10: Winners Announced at Live Event

  • Throughout the night, winning companies in each category will be presented physical awards by 10 different judges, one for each awards category.
  • Winning teams will be allotted 2-3 minutes for an acceptance speech which should ideally include a 30 second video presentation.
  • Post-event winners will be sent a digital trophy logo to be used in any marketing materials.
  • Winners will be featured in the UCSF Health Hub Newsletter and receive spotlights by media partners.

Interested in being considered for an award?