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Advisors: Make a Match, Go!

UCSF Health Hub makes it easy to advise, reducing the discovery and courting process, paperwork and expectation setting for you and companies you want to advise.

Once you have applied to Health Hub Connect as a UCSF advisor, you create an advisor page that provides deep insight into your skills, industry expertise, and the types of projects that are right for you. You will be matched to great companies (they've had to qualify too) looking for advisors like you. You'll receive an email introduction with a potential match. If you decide it's a project for you, you can connect privately. It's up to you and the company how long the relationship goes.
UCSF Health Hub will periodically send out tips and status requests and help ensure the relationship works.
Do you want to help a company grow?

CompanIES: 100% Help. 0% Equity.

We are a donor-funded non-profit, here to serve. We do not take any equity.

We understand that the start-up journey is a long one. UCSF Health Hub working alongside our partners in the UCSF ecosystem aspire to be a 'partner for life.'  Our focus is to help you achieve your next milestone through a a step-by-step approach:

1.  Sign up to Health Hub Connect and create a profile
2. Complete a brief – this is really a connection or project request. Our system will either programmatically match you with the ‘best match’ we can find or introduce you to one of our UCSF Health Hub Navigators (experts that can help sherpa your journey).
3. Get matched with a personalized network of advisors, investors, doctors and researchers from the UCSF HealthHub community.
4 . Get going! Whether you are looking for a clinical or research partner to design and execute a pilot project, or design and technology to build out products and services,
- clinical validation with researchers, UCSF doctors, or patient populations and,
– access to high quality investors, mentors and advisors as allies for growth.
5. Graduate to the 'next' milestone. We call it moving up the innovation pyramid.
6. Repeat.
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